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Have questions? Here are several we have answered before. These are the most commonly asked and our most accurate answer.

Everyone has questions, concerns, worries, doubts and fears. We are here to eliminate as many as possible. Contact Us if you have any question not answered on this page.

Q: After submitting my property and contact information what obligations do I have?

A: You are NEVER obligated to accept our offer. You have no obligations, and even after you do decide to accept our offer, if you wish to cancel in the future, we will always respect you decision.

Q: How fast do I receive an offer after I send you my contact and property information?

A: We promise to promptly get you an offer; usually 24 hours or faster.

Q: Will I get a "Fair Market Value" offer?

A: Every scenario differs. We often have to purchase homes below market value due to the amount of repairs. We will figure out what the "ARV" After Repair Value is and will then make an offer. The after repair value is the price a home would sell for after upgrades and updates are done. Since we renovate homes and sell them for a profit we will offer the absolute highest price for you home based on the amount of repairs.

Q: What will I have to pay to get the property sold?

A: You will pay nothing at all to sell your property. There will be no commission or fees paid by you.

Q: What is the difference between my local real estate agent and Prompt Home Offer?

A: A real estate agent is the middle man that charges a commission to sell your home to a buyer. We eliminate the middle man and buy it directly from you! We are the buyer.

Q: What do you do with the property?

A: We purchase it cash ourselves. When then decide if we want to renovate the home and sell it, or if we want to hold on to the property as an income producing property, also known as a rental.

Q: If I want to sell my home fast, what are all my options?

A: You have several options (1) Sell it to us in AS-IS condition (2) List the home for sale with a real estate agent. This might require you to do repairs if the buyer is using a loan to buy. It also may take several months if not longer to get the home sold. (3) List the home as For Sale By Owner "FSBO". You will then have to qualify potential buyer for a loan and show the homes to people that might not qualify. This is a big inconvenience that might result in more frustration for you than what it is worth. REACH OUT to us to review other options .

Q: What if I have a loan on the property?

A: We have a solution for all scenarios. If you are behind on payments, taxes, etc. We will find a solution to your problem!

Q: How do I get my money?

A: We use registered title and escrow companies statewide that are bonded. Everything is secure and legal. You get a Check or money wire transfer on the day of closing.

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